My Astronomy Lab Kit


My Astronomy Lab Kit


This kit is developed for learners and educators.
The activities are designed to facilitate understanding of following concepts:
– Knowing star clusters, life cycle of stars
– Planetary system and their dynamics
– Indian Space Program and rocketry
– Satellites and their applications etc.
This kit will serve as a great tool for generating curiosity among the kids.
It will create awareness about the ‘Astronomy’, as a subject.
We are working for popularization of astronomy and this kit is a part of the mission.
Activities covered in this box:
1. Knowing stars and constellation with the help of DIY stellarium kit. The stellarium is illuminated with an LED.
And looks great at night.
2. Understanding space missions. This activity includes DIY rocket kit. It is a hard cardboard model.
And will serve as a tool in understanding rockets.
3. Solar system model is a motorized model and will facilitate understanding of our planetary system.
4. Satellites and their applications are covered with the help of DIY weather satellite model.
We believe that this kit will inculcate a culture of experiential learning. It can be used by teachers for classroom teaching.

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