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Aeronautics and Space Exploration (AXSX)

Welcome to Aeronautics and Space Exploration (AXSX), your gateway to the wonders of the cosmos! We are motivated and dedicated astronomers who have been promoting astronomy and space science to young people for the past 12 years. We cantered many of the activities under the heading Aeronautics and Space Exploration (AXSX) on astronomy. Our group has grown to more than 1,000 members now from the original three founders. Our goal for AXSX is to become the primary astronomy hub both domestically and globally.
Our non-profit organization’s branch, the Astronomy and Aerospace Research Organization, promotes astronomy in society and gives budding scientists a stage on which to showcase their abilities. At Aeronautics and Space Exploration (AXSX), we take stargazing and space exploration to new heights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the mysteries of the universe and share them with you. We’re here to make astronomy accessible, engaging, and awe-inspiring. Through our wide range of services, we aim to make astronomy accessible to everyone, from stargazing enthusiasts to corporate teams seeking unique experiences.


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We are an Aeronautics and Space Exploration organization working for awareness and education of Astronomy and Aerospace science.

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If You are interested in Astronomy and looking for the association with growing astronomy community then this is the platform for you.
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