Astronomy Workshop for School, college / Hands-on Astronomy Workshop

Astronomy Workshop for School, college / Hands-on Astronomy Workshop

We are an Aeronautics and Space Exploration organization working for awareness and education of Astronomy and Aerospace science.
Our work aims to engage students in practical and hands-on astronomical and academic activities. Additionally, we provide stargazing, workshops, and talks to schools.
The areas of astronomy and aerospace are currently in high demand and provide a wide range of employment options.

We arrange one of the following activities for school students :


Astronomy School Programs Activities
Astronomy Workshop for School and College
Benefits and Advantages of Astronomy Workshop to school students

Join us for an immersive and interactive Hands-on Astronomy Workshop designed for school to college level students.

Our mission is to bring knowledge and resources of astronomy and aerospace to students and aspirants for better education and progressive society.

A one-day workshop for school – standard 5th to 10th

Astronomy is the oldest branch of science, which studies all over the world in different areas and cultures. Many schools and Universities in the past included astronomy as their curriculum’s major subject.

Nowadays, modern schools and institutes also look to astronomy as a major and promising subject that creates a base for science and mathematics. Not only it provides the foundation for academics but also it helps to build character and develop good qualities in students. The government of India also supports and promotes astronomy and space science at the school level under a new education policy.

One Day Astro – Workshop includes
Hands-on Astronomy Workshop for School and College
  • Who Can Attend

    We recommended school students aged 10+ can do this for the best results.

  • Languages

    1. Marathi
    2. Hindi
    3. English 

  • Astronomy Seminar Covers Following Topics

    1. How was the Universe created
    2. What are stars and how are they born?
    3. Our solar system and its planets
    4. Celestial events 
    5. Telescope working and its types
    6. Rockets and Satellites 
    7. Career in astronomy and aerospace
    8. Question & Answers 

Empower Young Minds: Hands-on Astronomy Workshop for School and College
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Hands-on Astronomy Workshop

Astronomy Workshop for Schools - FAQs

The Astronomy Workshop is suitable for students of various age groups, typically ranging from elementary school to high school levels. The content and activities are tailored to engage and educate students across these age ranges.

Yes, the workshop curriculum is designed to align with educational standards to complement and enhance the school’s science curriculum. It aims to reinforce key concepts taught in classrooms while fostering a deeper understanding of astronomy.

The duration of the workshop can vary based on the program selected by the school. Typically, workshops can span from a half-day session to multiple days, depending on the depth of exploration desired. The schedule will be customized to fit the school’s needs and academic calendar.

Yes, we offer on-site workshops that can be conducted at your school premises for convenience. Our team will bring all the necessary equipment and materials to create an immersive and engaging learning experience for students.

The safety of students is of utmost importance to us. Our instructors are experienced in conducting workshops in a safe manner. We follow safety protocols and guidelines, ensuring a secure environment for all participants.

While the workshop is primarily designed for students, parents are welcome to attend as observers if the school allows. It can be a great opportunity for parents to witness their child’s enthusiasm for learning and astronomy.

We will provide all necessary equipment and materials for the workshop. Schools typically only need to provide a suitable space, such as a classroom or an auditorium, to conduct the sessions comfortably.

Yes, we can tailor the workshop content to align with specific topics or themes that the school wishes to focus on. Our team will work closely with educators to ensure the workshop complements the school’s objectives.

Scheduling an Astronomy Workshop is easy. Simply contact our team through the provided contact details, and we will be delighted to discuss the available workshop options and find a suitable date for your school.

By hosting the Astronomy Workshop, your school can offer an enriching and inspiring experience to students, fostering their interest in science, astronomy, and STEM fields. The workshop can complement the science curriculum, encourage critical thinking, and ignite curiosity in students.

The minimum number of students required to conduct the workshop may vary based on the program and workshop type. Please reach out to our team to discuss your school’s specific requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Yes, each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the Astronomy Workshop. This certificate acknowledges their active participation and engagement in exploring the wonders of the universe.

Hands-on activity kits will be provided to each participant at the beginning of the workshop. Our team will ensure that all necessary materials and tools are included for the hands-on activities during the workshop.

Yes, schools have the option to request customized certificates with the school’s logo and workshop details. We value collaboration with schools to create a personalized touch for their student’s achievements.

The hands-on activity kits are designed to be reusable and durable. Participants can take them home after the workshop to continue their exploration of astronomy and conduct their experiments.

The hands-on activity kits include a variety of exciting and educational activities, such as building model rockets, creating celestial charts, and simulating space missions. These activities are intended to reinforce key astronomy concepts in an engaging manner.

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