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Stargazing is the once in a life experience. At dark you witness the heaven in the Universe, Get thrilled and excited to watch wonders of the Universe through advance telescope and camera technology.
Following are the Stargazing events


Stargazing is the activity in which you can watch Moon, planets, Galaxies and many more celestial objects through advance telescopes, also with this you get naked eye sky watching and explanation of various exciting things. This program also includes our expert PPT explanation of our universe.
Stargazing By Locations


Stargazing is an activity of looking toward stars in the night sky and identifying other celestial objects through telescopes, binoculars, or naked eyes.

Astronomers, astrophysicists, and nature lovers generally love this activity but other people also participate in this because watching the night sky through a telescope is one of the few experiences in life that anyone can’t forget.

Stargazing is useful in everyday life in many ways, for astronomers and scientists it will provide observational data about distant objects and for general people who are excited about astronomy and the universe gives a glimpse of the knowledge that changes our perspective about our life and world. A part of this stargazing makes you relax, and calm, and relieves your stress. You can participate in stargazing on a weekend holiday to get into the community and reduce your social distancing.

There are many places for stargazing in Pune. The primary requirement of the location is it should be pollution-free and have no surrounding lights and the sky must be dark. With this, there are many places near Bhor Pune Satara Road, near Velhe, near Panshet, Pawana lake area, etc.

You can see some bright and close objects through Binoculars or naked eyes also. But for long-distance celestial objects like messier objects, galaxies, etc you need quite a good telescope. To start you can use a Binocular and you can see Moon, Mars, Venus, etc.

With few precautions stargazing is very safe for small kids to senior citizens also. Before going out stargazing take all medical and other essentials like a torch, first aid kit, etc. looking for a long time through a telescope towards bright objects like full moon may hurt your eyes. If you consider these tips then your stargazing activity is very safe and joyful.

In Pune You can go stargazing near Bhor, Panshet dam area, On Rajgad, Pawana lake area, and Lonawala, you can go anywhere where light pollution is minimum and have basic resources.

Stargazing programs are mostly arranged by astronomy clubs or related organizations. You need to find which astronomy club in your area is active and arrange the stargazing or you can click here and join our club as a member.

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