Astronomy Workshop In Schools & Colleges

Astronomy & Space Science Workshop for Schools and Colleges

As per the new education policy of Indian government the curriculum of school should focusing more on practical and advance education. Aeronautics and Space Exploration AXSX working for Astronomy and Aerospace education from last 12 years. The purpose of this work is to spread awareness and knowledge of astronomy and aerospace science in society. For this we have design astronomy workshops for schools and colleges.
Workshops details

One day astronomy workshop with stargazing –

One day astronomy workshop without stargazing -

Coming soon – Three-month school integrated astronomy course – Astro – Lab

Kits and hands on activities

1. Making sun dial clock
2. Model rocket
3. Model Satellite
4. Solar System model
5. Stars projector
6. ISS Model
7. Aerospace Rover
8. Compass making
9. Rubber airplane making
10. Pin Hole camera – Telescope principle

Mr Kailas Belekar
professional astronomer last 12 years.
Mr. Kailas Belekar is renowned astronomer and working in the field from last 12 years. He have passion for astronomy and space science. His initiative is always working towards for Awareness of astronomy and learning new things.


One of the important aspects of Astronomy is its ability to help us understand our place in the Universe, which can lead to development of personal humility while gaining a connection with the rest of humanity. Besides this, Astronomy, Space Science and Space Exploration is a thriving sector as the world’s leading organizations and Government bodies such as ISRO and NASA have been actively investing in the revolutionary sector.

By pursuing Astronomy at this point of time with its high demand and growth, your child can be the next Astronaut, Astronomer, Explorers or Scientist!

Our programs are designed to develop 21st century skills sets such as Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Creativity, Holistic development, Logical Reasoning, Experimentation & Inquiry-Driven Learning, Cognitive skills as well as Leadership & Team Building Skills.

Taking up Astronomy as a subject opens up lots of opportunities as it is an ever growing field. Based on the field of interest in Astronomy, one can pursue to become Amateur or Professional Astronomer, Astrophotography, Space or Research Scientist, Astronomy Educator or Communicator, Astronaut, Meteorologist are just naming a few of them. One can also opt to work for national observatories, research centres, private industry, museums and planetariums, or in journalism and public relations

This program runs one month 15 days. Every week there are 3 lectures of 2 hours each.

AGE – 12+  Students can get enrolled in the program.

Yes, individuals can get enrolled in this program.

These programs start from 7 Jan 2023 to 15 Feb 2023 wherein sessions are conducted on any chosen 35 days. Dates will be given by Axsx.

Up to 25 Astronomy sessions with hands-on activities are conducted in the program.

Video lectures and sky app will provide.

Students will be guided by the educators for the observations. Virtual observation is conducted and based on that a student would be able to do a physical observation on their own.

Yes, you get a certificate for a program. certificate plays an important role in one’s career. It boosts your chances of getting hired in multiple companies.

You can Join our volunteer club after completing the Astronomy Crash Course with us.

The refund won’t be possible except for some special case after discussion among the management.

Once a student enrolls with us they will get a planner mentioning the dates and the activities of the sessions to be conducted.

Students can either cover the missed topic by attending the upcoming batches at 0 costs, or by accessing the backup training videos provided, with a 6 months access

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Astronomy Workshop
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