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Astronomy Using Python Workshop: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe with Code

Welcome to the “Astronomy Using Python” workshop, where the boundless wonders of the universe meet the power of programming. In this workshop, we’ll take you on an exciting journey through the cosmos, equipping you with the skills and tools to explore, analyse, and visualize astronomical data using Python.

Workshop Details:

Duration: 2 Hours
Eligibility: For Collage students
Astronomy Using Python workshop

Workshop Objectives:

Introduce participants to Python as a versatile and essential tool in the field of astronomy.


Provide hands-on experience in Python programming for astronomical data analysis and visualization.


Enable participants to apply Python skills to real-world astronomy projects.


Foster a deeper understanding of the cosmos through code and data.



What You'll Discover:
About the Workshop:
Astronomy has always captivated humanity’s imagination. From ancient civilizations gazing at the night sky to modern telescopes probing distant galaxies, our quest to understand the universe continues. Now, with the integration of Python programming, we have the capability to unravel cosmic mysteries like never before.

Corporate stargazing Program structure

Evening program

Total sessions – One
Time – 7 pm to 11
Capacity for participants – 30 to 50

Overnight program

Total session – three
Time – 7 pm to 9 pm – Session 1
10 pm to 12 am – Session 2
4 am to 6 am – Session 3
Capacity for participants – 30 to 50
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