Preorder – Constellation Telescope | Astronomy semi-DIY kit for Kids | Science Kits

Preorder - Constellation Telescope | Astronomy semi-DIY kit for Kids | Science Kits

Constellation Telescope kit is the semi-DIY kit designed for age 4 and above. While making this kit kids and user can develop their cognitive thinking ability and hands – eye coordination skill improves.
Through this telescope you can see 20+ constellation illustrations and celestial objects. This kit is safe to use with some precautions and easy to handle.
Telescope box size 230 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm and material is card board kraft paper. You get 21 cards of illustration and two blank cards in it. No any batteries or electricity required to operate this kit.
User can develop astronomy knowledge by reading information given back side of the card and observing illustration. This kit is for educational and constellations illustration purpose only, you can’t see real celestial objects through it.

Kit includes


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Celestial Visionary: Discover the Universe with the Constellation Telescope!
Constellation Telescope | Astronomy semi-DIY kit for Kids | Science Kits

During the camp, children will have the opportunity to learn about the stars, constellations, and planets that make up our universe. They will get to observe the night sky using telescopes and binoculars, and learn how to identify different celestial objects. 

Our experienced instructors will guide them through stargazing sessions, teaching them how to use telescopes and star charts to navigate the night sky.

In addition to stargazing, our camp will include a range of other astronomy-related activities that will help children learn about scientific concepts in a fun and interactive way. We will have hands-on experiments that explore concepts such as light, gravity, and the properties of different celestial objects. We will also have science-themed crafts and games that will challenge children’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

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