Preorder – Constellation Telescope | Astronomy semi-DIY kit for Kids | Science Kit

Preorder - Constellation Telescope

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Description : –

Constellation Telescope kit is the semi-DIY kit design for age 4 and above. While making this kit kids and user can develop their cognitive thinking ability and hands – eye coordination skill improves. Through this telescope you can see 20+ constellation illustrations and celestial objects. This kit is safe to use with some precautions and easy to handle. Telescope box size 230 mm x 90 mmx 60 mm and material is card board Craft paper. You get 21 cards of illustration and two blank cards in it. No any batteries or electricity required to operate this kit. User can develop astronomy knowledge by reading information given back side of the card and observing illustration. This kit is for educational and constellations illustration purpose only, you can’t see real celestial objects through it.



  • Constellation telescope box
  • 20 pre designed constellation cards & Press pin for hole making
  • 1 surprise celestial card
  • 2 blank cards.



    1. Constellation Telescope comes in unwrap flatten for and paste at both ends together.
    2. First make flatten box into square – rectangular shape
    3. Insert both side flaps in their follow up direction. While inserting flap remove white cover of transparent both side sticky tape and fix flaps in respective directional position.
    4. On constellation cards respective constellation and stars position are given, using sharp tip of compass or similar tool, make 1 mm hole at asterism making stars.
    5. Once asterism holes made, insert card from chamfered rectangle cut side of the box, as if fir to.
    6. Open opposite side flap cover, you find one more flap with hole of 25 mm diameter hole at the center.
    7. Remove white cover side of transparent tape and insert that flap in its respective directional position press transparent tape side to fix it with main body.
    8. Now hold the telescope box with the hole near to your one eye and other side towards the sufficient light source. (LED bulb, Tube our day light, not direct to sun)
    9. At above mentioned position, you can see asterism stars glowing and faint illustration of respective constellation around it.
    10. Two blank cards are given in set, you can draw constellation figure on it and make hole on it so you can use it as your own hand made constellation card. One object card also given which you can us directly without making hole on it.


    1. Don’t look at sun directly through constellation telescope.
    2. Close both opening of telescope to keep it clean and dust proof
    3. Don’t make hole greater than 1mm, and insert card by keeping stars name towards your face.
    4. To get better result, assure you paste and fold all flaps properly so no any light leak happens inside the box
    5. Kids age between 4 to 10 do it under the guidance of parents or elders.
    6. To get better understanding, please scan QR code and watch video of making.
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